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31 12 2022
More and more foreigners are settling in the country with the aim of connecting with nature, improving their quality of life, and enjoying a lower tax burden. Many of them are high net-worth individuals, who are seeking to establish their residence outside of Spain in locations with lower tax rates, since it is possible to buy homes near the Dominican coast for less than $200,000, obtaining a return of up to 7% through the rent.
15 01 2023
The south of Spain has inspired to write hundreds of songs, love poems, books or even host film shoots. It has been the birthplace of great artists and a place of retirement or inspiration for others. The Costa del Sol attracts thousands of people every year: momentary visits or even tourists who end up choosing this Andalusian area as their second or first residence.
31 03 2023
Apart from the several benefits of living near the sea, buying a property by the beach is a wise decision if you are looking for a quick return on your investment. If you are wondering where to invest in housing, keep reading to find out about the best beach areas to buy an apartment in Spain.
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