21 04 2020

10 tips to set up your Home Office


We know how difficult it is to stay organised at home these days… and all those distractions around us… this is why today, our great interior designer, Alma Roda, will give you some helpful tips on how to set up your Home Office and succeed in doing so. 


Shall we start?

1. LIGHT LIGHT AND MORE LIGHT! Search for a source of natural light, it is essential for your work space.
2. A QUIET CORNER AT HOME. Find a space that inspires peace and take advantage of it!
3. ORGANIZE IT! You need to stay organized, and in order to do so, you need storage space.
4. WATCH WHERE YOU SIT. Don’t forget a comfortable working chair.
5. EXPOSURE TO ARTIFICIAL LIGHT. Avoid straining your eyes under artificial light and excessive brightness.
6. MOODBOARD. Release your creative side and write your ideas on a panel board.
7. DRESS UP. Any similarity to your daily working routine is good for you.
8. KEEP TO YOUR ROUTINE. Set up a schedule, don’t oversleep and mind your breaks.
9. MUSIC ON! Choose it, hit the ON button and Enjoy!
10. I WANT IT I GET IT. Everything you need to improve your productivity should be at hand.

We have prepared some examples of homemade offices that might help you set up your own space at home, a productive and at the same time pleasant and quiet one.


Be creative & mix styles @Home!

We hope these ideas have inspired you to create or perhaps improve your home workspace.

Thanks for reading us!

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