30 09 2023

What is a new construction home?


In the real estate sector, the term new construction is a clear intention of exclusivity and modernity. In the last year, it has become a great attraction for buyers. Within the universe of newly built homes, there are several categories, from apartments and penthouses in the city center, to majestic villas on the most paradisiacal beaches. 

When we explore the term "new construction", we are not only referring to homes built from scratch and never lived in before, but also those that have undergone a complete renovation, offering a plus of quality, efficiency, luxury and innovation. These properties are designed with efficiency, luxury and innovation in mind. Each type of new construction has its own charm and personality, and at Prime Invest, we bring you closer to all these options so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Read on to discover what new construction really means, the different types that exist and how Prime Invest, at the forefront of the luxury real estate market, is redefining the experience of living in modern, sustainable elegance. Are you ready to dive into the world of luxury new construction homes? Join us on this exciting journey!


What is considered new housing

When we speak of "new construction," we are referring both to homes that are built from scratch and those that are completely renovated, offering buyers superb qualities, greater energy efficiency and an unparalleled experience of modernity and elegance. 

In other words, a new construction is considered to be a construction registered for the first time in the Land Registry. It can be a home on a plot of land where no other buildings existed before or an expansion that exceeds 100 square meters.

For many, a new construction is a dwelling that has never been inhabited before, but legally it implies a formal declaration through a public deed that certifies the existence of a new property. Thus, a new housing can include the construction of new structures on a home, improvements to an existing property, or the creation of a property completely from scratch, as long as the necessary requirements are met.


Types of new construction

As we have seen, the concept of new construction is not limited to a dwelling that has not been previously inhabited, but rather it is a legal process that registers the construction or project in progress on a piece of land in the Land Registry. In this sense, it is possible to speak of a new construction in the following cases:

New construction home

This type of new construction is the one that represents human logic and the one that best defines the concept of new construction. These are homes that have just been built and have not been used or sold prior to purchase. These properties, in addition to not needing any renovation, come with the most modern qualities and all energy efficiency standards included.

This type of property is purchased directly from the developer and in some cases may have been rented before, but always for less than two years. Otherwise, if the person selling the property is a buyer other than the developer and more than two years have passed, it would be considered a second-hand property.


new construction home


New construction for rehabilitation or integral reform

There are certain modifications that cause the properties to be considered new construction without having been created from scratch. Rehabilitation works that affect the structure of the building such as, for example, a new floor or garage, the elimination of load-bearing walls, the inclusion of an elevator, among others, that substantially change the property are also considered new construction.

The integral reforms that have been carried out inside the house are also part of this type of new construction. We speak of rooms divided by a wall or on the contrary, together to create more diaphanous spaces. These are complex works and significant enough to be re-registered for legal and public purposes.

Unregistered new construction

Unregistered new build types cover properties that although they are not new construction, in the eyes of the law they are considered as if they were since they were not initially registered in the Land Registry. This scenario can arise for a variety of reasons:

  • Changes in regulations that now make them legal dwellings or changes in registration requirements.
  • Housing registered erroneously or built before the municipal planning that currently exists.
  • It is also common when owners start living in a new property before obtaining the "visa de obra nueva", a document that guarantees that the construction complies with habitability standards.

New off-plan housing

An off-plan home can also be considered a new construction, one that is still in the initial design or construction stage. This is a very exciting option for those who want to customize their future home from the start. 

In this type of new construction, future homeowners purchase the home before construction has even begun.


Find your future new building at Prime Invest

Now that you know in depth what a new construction is and its different types, what are you waiting for to invest in a home that meets all your requirements? At Prime Invest, we are committed to fusing avant-garde architectural designs with environmental sustainability, thus creating homes that not only reflect luxury and comfort, but also integrate perfectly with the natural surroundings. 

This is the case of Evergreen Homes, a new residential complex under construction in Mijas. Here, Prime Invest has opted for sustainable housing where its exteriors have green spaces and its orientation allows you to make the most of natural light and the sea breeze of the Mediterranean coast.

Our passion for luxury and our commitment to excellence are reflected in every project we undertake. Contact our real estate consulting service and we will help you with your search. Find your new home among our most acclaimed projects on the Costa del Sol, Punta Cana or Ibiza, we are happy to help you transform your dreams into reality!

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