15 05 2023

Decoration trends 2023: Mediterranean style decoration


Decoration in the real estate sector is emerging as a cornerstone to captivate investors and buyers. In such a competitive market, distinctive design and current aesthetics are key to attracting the most demanding buyers. At Prime Invest we are at the forefront of 2023 decoration trends to offer our clients the most exclusive options and contribute to achieving their idyllic home.

The Costa del Sol is a place that leaves its mark with its sophisticated and calm lifestyle, where the sunny days are more frequent than the gray ones. This area exudes elegance, and therefore also everything that refers to the Mediterranean style decoration radiates that good taste that does not lose sight of the cozy and has very present in the spring and summer season, where the southern coast welcomes the largest number of people.

The Mediterranean style decoration is a timeless classic that stands out in most homes in the south of the peninsula. Characterized by the integration of natural elements and sustainable designs, this trend is emerging as one of the favorites for luxury residential properties on the Malaga coast. Next, we review everything that this trend in decoration offers us.


All the keys to modern Mediterranean decoration

The sunny climate, its more than 160 kilometers of golden beaches, and the relaxed lifestyle are some of the privileges of living on the Costa del Sol. More and more people decide to settle in this area or invest in a home there for their quality of life. Málaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, Estepona, Benalmádena, Mijas, and Casares are destinations caressed by the sea breeze and the warm sun that give off tranquility. The same happens with the Mediterranean style decoration, this trend makes us relive the sensations of summer and good weather throughout the year. For this reason, it is a style widely used on the southern coast of Spain.

Let's see what are the keys to living on the Costa del Sol as if we were in an eternal summer.


Lighting and natural light

The Mediterranean style seeks to exalt sunlight. On the coast of Malaga there are more than 300 sunny days a year, so natural light plays a very important role in decorating homes. To achieve the effect of direct light, light curtains made of materials such as linen or cotton and light tones are the allies to maximize natural lighting and create a cozy atmosphere.


Exaltation for craftwork

The modern Mediterranean decoration seeks to bring back in a renewed way the Mediterranean daily life of a few years ago to create romantic and elegant corners. Natural materials and handcrafted accessories in their purest form are some of the essentials to achieve this decoration inspired by the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. Wood, ceramics, wicker, linen, or jute can be found in the form of lamps, rugs, armchairs, mirrors, or baskets, among others. But also antique and recovered decorative pieces that have years of history.


White and sandy colors

The connection between the interior, with wooden furniture and warm tones, and the exterior is another of the most important characteristics of the Mediterranean style. For this reason, the houses that opt ​​for this style use tones that transport us to the earth, the sea, and outdoor nature. White, cream, and stone colors are essential to favor light and the feeling of freshness that prevails in these environments. These tones, together with wooden or natural stone floors, will give warmth to the spaces. The decorative pieces made of ceramic and glass will provide the definitive contrast to accentuate the Mediterranean style.


Subtlety in decorative elements

The decoration is composed of elements that can also be functional and subtle, such as vases, baskets, or stools, among others. For this reason, another of the trends that reign among the decoration styles of a Mediterranean house are the rounded lines both in the furniture and in the decoration. This trend moves away from sharp objects and straight lines, on the contrary, it seeks a soft and fresh aesthetic. And we can find it in doors, corridors, furniture, lamps, shelves, windows, sofas and more.


Mediterranean house decoration style


Decoration trends on the Costa del Sol for 2023

With a privileged location between the sea and the mountains, the houses on the Costa del Sol demand open, minimalist, and natural spaces. We have seen how the Mediterranean-style decoration is predominant in this area. It focuses on the use of natural materials such as wood, marble, and stone, combining artisan elements, rounded shapes, and white and earthy colors. However, this proposal to have the sea and good weather inside the house throughout the year is not the only trend in decoration on the Costa del Sol.

The homes on the coast of Malaga harbor a great interest in modern Mediterranean decoration, and this opens the way to new concepts of style that we are used to seeing in the most luxurious homes. We are referring to minimalism, that style that has been present for years in the most sophisticated homes with its own character.

The aim is to simplify the corners of the house and use only the essential elements to create harmonious spaces and a calm environment. The simple lines, the contrast with white and wood color, and the geometric shapes produce tranquility and help to exalt elegance. These factors are common to find in apartments or villas on the Costa del Sol as they are associated with the lifestyle that prevails in this area.

If you are thinking of investing in a new home on the Costa del Sol, you can contact our Prime Invest team with no compromises. We will be happy to advise you on the best real estate projects on the coast of Malaga. It is time to enjoy your home by the sea with a modern and Mediterranean design and decoration.

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