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What is the quality report for new houses?


When considering buying a new home, especially off-plan, we want to know everything about it. But all we can see are plans and renderings of what the house will look like. But what about the materials that will be used? How can we know that in advance? This is where standard building specifications come in, documents describing the materials, installation methods and construction techniques used. 

The aesthetics of the house depend on the materials used and aspects such as air conditioning, thermal and acoustic insulation, or the quality of the taps, toilets and appliances; therefore, we are prepared to pay for the property. When we move into the finished house, we have to ensure that it contains all the information that the developer gave us in his offer, as a guarantee that what was agreed will be fulfilled. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the quality of newly built properties and what we can expect to find in them. Let's get started!


What is the quality report for a new building?

The Quality Report or Quality Specifications is a document that details all the materials that will be used in the building, the interiors and, where possible, the communal areas, as well as the facilities that will be available in the building. This is a binding document that the developer must provide to prospective buyers. And they are required by law to offer it free of charge.

As well as being the document that informs the consumer of the details of the property they are about to purchase, the Quality Report provides reassurance that the materials and elements with which the property has been built and equipped are those that are expected. For this reason, it forms part of the contract of sale of the property and is usually delivered with it, and it is recommended that both parties sign it.

The quality report must be precise, well-written and easy to understand. If you have any doubts about the qualities of the property you are investing in, it is advisable to consult an architect. The most important thing is not to have any doubts about the final result of a purchase for which you are spending a lot of money.


What information can we find in the quality report?

Considering that the Quality Report of a new home is a tool that allows the buyer to get an idea of what the property they are buying off plan will be like, the developer has to detail the materials and elements that complement both the building and the interior of the house, the different installations and the common areas. Let's take a closer look:

Building characteristics

In this first section of the Quality Report for a new build, we find the materials and construction techniques used:

  1. The foundation and structure of the building, including the columns and main beams.
  1. The materials and finishes of the façade and external joinery. The company names of the materials and thermal and acoustic insulation used are highlighted. We can also find the materials and glazing of the windows and blinds.

Interior of the property

In this part of the document, we find the materials, signatures and characteristics used in partition walls, doors, panelling, flooring and kitchen or bathroom fittings.

  1. Internal partitions: The materials and characteristics of the internal partitions of the dwelling are specified, as well as the thickness used to divide the rooms and between the dwellings.
  2. Flooring: This defines the materials and brands used in the flooring and skirting boards of each room in the dwelling.
  3. Tiles and coverings for the walls and ceilings: Here we find the internal, vertical and horizontal walls of the house, the paint and the finish used. 
  4. Materials and brands of toilets and taps: Here you will find the materials and brands used for the worktops, electrical appliances, sinks, cupboards, washbasins and sanitary ware.
  5. Interior joinery: In this section of the building specifications you will also find the characteristics and materials of the doors, both the main doors and those that separate the different rooms of the house, the handles and the doors of the fitted wardrobes.

The installations in the quality memory

The plumbing, electrical, gas and telecommunications installations are also listed in the quality report of a new home.

  1. Plumbing installation: This includes how and with what elements it is made, as well as the installation of hot and cold water, the water supply and drainage for each appliance, and the pipes, among others.
  2. Electricity and natural gas installation: We need to know the efficiency label of the appliances, the system used according to the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations and the centralisation of the communal metres and connections in each house according to the regulations.
  3. Air conditioning: You will find the air conditioning qualities, whether or not there is a pre-installation of a heat and cold pump through ducts and which room it reaches, for example.
  4. Security: You will see whether or not an alarm system has been installed.
  5. Telecommunications installation: We need to make sure that there is a telephone socket following current regulations, as well as one for television and cable. Finally, in this section, we find out whether or not there is an electronic video intercom system.

Communal areas

Finally, in the quality document of a new construction, we will find information related to the communal areas, among which the following stand out

  1. Access to the house, such as gates, stairs and fire-fighting equipment under the regulations.
  2. The parking area, garages and storage rooms.
  3. Fire doors, sectorising areas.
  4. Communal areas such as swimming pools, gymnasium or gardens.

The resources and materials used in the new construction must be exactly the same or very similar to those described in the quality report. The promoter can’t conceal or replace the materials specified in the document with others that are different or of a lower quality.

What happens if the building specifications are not complied with?

In the event of non-compliance with the use of materials listed in the Quality Report of a luxury home or new construction, consumer organisations or the courts may be called upon. The elements specified in the quality report cannot be replaced by others of inferior quality, but always by others of similar or superior quality. To this end, the document must include a clause on the availability of similar materials and models in the event of their unavailability. 


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