15 12 2022

Living by the sea: reasons to invest in a beachfront property


Beach areas are not just a place to visit when temperatures rise, and the hours of sunshine lengthen. Living by the sea has many health benefits. We have all dreamed of owning a house on the beach, where we can enjoy both quiet moments and a wide range of leisure activities.

For a few seasons now, the real estate market has been experiencing a growing demand for beachfront properties, specifically new-build homes. Because waking up in the morning and being able to have breakfast overlooking the Mediterranean or being able to walk at sunset along the fine sandy beaches of Spain is a luxury that is in high demand. But, is it really profitable to invest in a new construction facing the sea? We tell you!

Are houses with sea views a good real estate investment?

They say that the sun and sand are indications that the purest happiness exists, perhaps for this reason the demand for houses with sea views has increased up to 48% during 2022 compared to previous years.

Living by the sea is the aspiration of many. It is common for Spanish families to have a second home located somewhere along the coast. A place to spend the summer, the holidays, or even the weekends. The houses by the sea become a place to disconnect from routine and relax while listening to the waves breaking. But are beach houses a good investment?

The truth is that it depends on how we approach it: will it be a first or second home? Or, on the contrary, will it be a residence for rent? Profitability can be found with two variables, one economic and one emotional.

If one of your plans is to purchase a new construction home in front of the sea for rent, whether for vacation or long-term, we can tell you that it is a very common action with which you will be able to amortize the purchase of your home in a few years.

The other option is to measure the profitability of your real estate investment by the sea with the emotional factor. If you decide to buy a new property at the foot of the sea as your first residence or to spend your free time in it, you will avoid the expenses associated with a normal getaway. It is an investment that will bring you peace of mind, rest, and disconnection.

Both options are compatible, it all depends on what your main idea is with the acquisition of this home. If it is as a first residence, it will be an ideal investment with which to enjoy the well-being that living near the sea generates, if it is a second residence, you can continue enjoying it and add the vacation rental during certain seasons of the year to amortize your investment.

Main advantages of new construction developments on the beachfront

The Spanish coast has an extension of 8,000 kilometers. One of the places with the greatest wealth of coastal landscapes. In itself, living on the Spanish coast is already a great advantage, however, if we add to this living in a new construction property on the beachfront... The advantages multiply!

1. Brand new home: when we buy a new construction home, the most obvious advantage is that it is a brand new home. We acquired a house ready to move into and in which we have surely been able to choose the finishes and/or distribution of each of the rooms. It is a more personalized type of investment to our tastes. To this we add that it will be very unlikely that you will have to make reforms or modifications, so acquiring a new-build home on the beach will cost much less in the long run than a second-hand home.

2. Mod cons: Newly built properties are increasingly adapted to market demands, therefore, it is common to find amenities such as parking, gym, swimming pool, or other sports areas in this type of development. In old buildings in beach areas, it is not common to find these types of amenities. However, thanks to the great demand from the market, developers are beginning to support the complete well-being of the residents.

3. Benefits of the sea: It has been shown that people who live by the sea have lower stress levels, which benefits rest. In addition, it helps to breathe better, and the good weather that usually occurs in coastal areas encourages you to exercise more outdoors. Acquiring a new construction development by the sea can potentially improve our health and well-being.

TheCosta del Sol: one of the best areas to invest in new construction

There is a place in the south of Spain where the sun shines for more than 325 days a year, which combines a pleasant and calm climate with paradisiacal landscapes. We are talking about the Costa del Sol, an idyllic place to invest in new construction.

The Costa del Sol has positioned itself as one of the best areas in which to invest in real estate developments by the sea, in fact, it has positioned itself among the three Spanish coastal areas with the greatest demand for new construction.

In Prime Invest we understand why the Costa del Sol attracts so much attention. Not all parts of the world can enjoy being embraced by the Mediterranean and having paradisiacal beaches of fine sand located in natural settings at their feet. For this reason, we have compiled three new construction real estate projects by the sea that may be ideal for you.

Artola Homes

With an idyllic location between the Artola dunes, the Mediterranean and the Cabopino golf course, Artola Homes is a privileged project that enjoys the tranquility of Cabopino, and only 15 minutes from the great leisure offer of Marbella.

A residential complex with landscaped spaces, swimming pools, sports areas and luxury new-build finishes that mix design and comfort. The best of all? The spectacular views of the sea.

Dunique Marbella

One of the most acclaimed projects on the Costa del Sol, unique and incomparable in every way. Dunique Marbella is a set of new construction properties located on the beachfront in Las Chapas.

A wide offer between apartments, penthouses and villas that has all kinds of amenities, swimming pools, sports areas, green areas and the Dunique Social Club, exclusive for its residents and full of avant-garde and innovation.

Jardines de las Lagunas

In Mijas, a town with traces of the Arab era, the project Jardines de la Laguna is located. A new-build residential complex by the sea that stands out for the light in its rooms, its cozy design that opts for comfort and efficiency and, above all, the tranquility and security of the area.


If you are thinking of buying a home on the Costa del Sol, our team will be delighted to attend you in a totally personalized way. Remember that at Prime Invest we have extensive experience in real estate consulting, so we can help you with everything you need.

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