31 08 2023

Sustainability in new construction houses: current trends

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The context of uncertainty that we have been experiencing in recent years due to the pandemic, war conflicts and inflation, which still persist today, have led to new issues of interest such as the energy crisis and climate change. In this sense, sustainability and efficiency have become the main focus both in the construction of new homes and in building renovations and refurbishments.

The environmental impact produced by the construction industry and the need to reduce energy costs are two of the reasons why sustainable housing is currently the focus of attention. Read on to find out what are the current trends to make a house sustainable. Let's get started!

Sustainable houses: what are the new trends?

Increasing concern for the environment has made sustainable homes a necessity and one of the real estate market trends for 2023. This type of housing seeks to reduce the impact on the environment through an optimal design to use natural resources more efficiently, the use of energy saving technologies, as well as the use of sustainable materials. At Prime Invest we are committed to creating and marketing homes with their own identity that blend in with their surroundings and use environmentally friendly construction materials and qualities.

Let's take a closer look at some of the current trends regarding sustainability in new housing:


Innovation and energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key aspect of sustainable home construction. Newly constructed homes are adopting features designed to reduce energy consumption, such as advanced insulation systems, large windows that welcome more sunlight, LED lighting, efficient heating systems, and the use of appliances with appropriate energy ratings. 

The use of renewable energy sources such as solar energy, through the installation of photovoltaic panels, has become an essential strategy for residents to generate some of their own energy, thereby reducing residential energy consumption. In addition, architectural design can maximize exposure to the sun to reduce the need for heating, complementing this with geothermal energy systems that capture and distribute energy more efficiently, such as underfloor heating to air-condition the home. Taken together, these trends highlight the increasing focus on technology and energy efficiency as essential components of sustainable home construction.

The use of sustainable materials

New homes are increasingly using sustainable building materials, such as eco-friendly wood, low-carbon concrete, stone, as well as natural insulation and non-toxic paints. The selection of these materials seeks to reduce the environmental footprint of the construction industry and contribute to a warm and pleasant atmosphere inside the home.

The materials chosen during the construction phase are really important, however, we cannot forget that sustainability can also be applied to the interior and exterior furnishings of the home. Using a decor in which natural and recyclable materials predominate is another way to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Current trends include objects made from bamboo, jute and wicker.

Bioclimatic design and sustainable architecture

Bioclimatic design and sustainable architecture are key trends in sustainable home construction. Bioclimatic design is based on using the climatic conditions surrounding the house to minimize the use of energy for heating, cooling and lighting, taking advantage of the orientation of sunlight and natural ventilation. 

On the other hand, sustainable architecture involves a detailed analysis of the environment, considering climate, terrain, biodiversity and natural resources, such as water, sun, wood and materials native to the area. These trends focus projects efficiently, promoting intelligent design, optimal insulation and a responsible choice of materials, emphasizing the importance of being respectful of the environment.


Integration of smart technology in new sustainable homes

This is another of the great allies of new sustainable housing. The integration of smart technology and automation systems for energy, lighting and security control increases the comfort of residents and, at the same time, optimizes the use of energy resources. Home automation systems and smart homes are clear examples of how technology can contribute to energy efficiency and well-being in the home.

Green spaces and biodiversity areas

Having small oasis within the home is fundamental to building sustainable homes. Vegetation not only improves the quality of life and the air that residents breathe, but also promote sustainability in the home. Betting on vertical gardens, green roofs or the use of natural paints for the walls of your future home are a safe bet for the future.

Commitment to sustainable housing on the Costa del Sol

Recently we talked about the pros and cons of living on the Costa del Sol. Well, in addition to the strategic location, the economic growth of the region and the high demand for real estate, the coast of Malaga is known for its sunny climate and its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it the perfect setting to implement sustainable practices in new housing. 

At Prime Invest we are firmly committed to sustainability in our new construction real estate projects. We design and plan the spaces following the principles of bio-architecture, taking into account the best indoor environmental quality in our properties. In addition, we pay special attention to all the advantages offered by the Mediterranean climate, making the most of the natural resources, light, the sea breeze and green spaces to respect them by choosing the best orientation for our homes.

Living or investing in a new sustainable housing on the Costa del Sol is to contribute to a greener and healthier future. Do you have doubts about whether to bet on sustainable housing this 2023? Contact our team of consultants who will advise you to solve your doubts and make it possible that your investment in housing is always the most profitable for you.

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