31 07 2023

Best areas to live and invest in Fuengirola


When it comes to choosing an area to invest in a home, there are several aspects to consider carefully. Climate, location, environment, infrastructure and potential economic growth are just some of the factors that deserve our attention. At Prime Invest, we are sure that the experience of living in the south of Spain is unparalleled and cannot be compared to any other place.

In this case, the Costa del Sol stands out as an unbeatable investment destination. If you have not yet decided in which area to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, today we bring you several reasons why you should live in Fuengirola, a town in Malaga with a very diverse and attractive real estate offer.

When thinking of Fuengirola it is inevitable to evoke a life of luxury and comfort on the Costa del Sol. The coastal town offers a wide variety of opportunities for those looking to live close to the sun, the sea and disconnect in an idyllic enclave. Read on to discover an exceptional destination that combines an enviable quality of life with a privileged location. Let's get started!


Best areas of Fuengirola to live

Fuengirola represents a diamond in the rough for those looking to invest in real estate projects on the Costa del Sol. Whether you are looking to enjoy a residence in a privileged location or to obtain economic benefits, the city of Fuengirola offers great opportunities. Along with famed destinations such as Marbella, Mijas and Benalmadena, Fuengirola stands out as one of the most sought-after municipalities, especially in terms of demand for new beachfront homes.

Before living in Fuengirola it is important to know the favorite areas for investors and locals to buy a new construction property. First of all, it is worth mentioning that we are facing a coastal town with more than 80,000 inhabitants, a picturesque historic center and urbanizations located high above with privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea. Fuengirola is divided into ten areas, among which Miramar, San Cayetano, Centro, El Boquetillo, Pueblo López, Las Chozas, Recinto Ferial, Los Boliches, Los Pacos and Torreblanca stand out.

Below, we tell you in detail what are the best areas of Fuengirola to live in. Choose the one that best suits your needs, take note!

Fuengirola Center

Most of the social life and commercial offer takes place in the center, the heart of the city and one of the most beautiful places to live in Fuengirola. It has an excellent transport infrastructure so you can move around easily and a wide range of services and amenities such as stores, supermarkets, restaurants and terraces with great gastronomic offers. Another reason is its proximity to the mile-long promenade (just ten minute walk) with fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

In short, living in the center of Fuengirola means immersing yourself in a rich cultural and social life. Its center, besides hosting great tourist attractions for all ages, also hosts major festivals, fairs and cultural events throughout the year, especially in summer. 

In this area, Edificio España is one of our works under construction that will house 33 luxury apartments and penthouses with two or three bedrooms. It is located in one of the residential jewels of the city and only 350 meters from the sea. Its exteriors and ample spaces (from 85m2 to 139,00 m2, depending on how many rooms you choose) have a very careful and elegant style, designed to become an emblematic residence in the center of Fuengirola.


Miramar and the Sohail Castle area

We move to the west end of town to learn about another of the best areas to live in Fuengirola: the neighborhoods of Miramar Park and Playa del Castillo. Here we find the tourist enclave of Sohail Castle and unbeatable panoramic views of the beach, the mouth of the river and the city. Its location, as well as privileged, is strategic as it is within walking distance of the center and with direct access to the beach.

In this privileged location, we will soon launch a new project of new construction: Elysea Suites. A complex of 22 luxury apartments with uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean Sea.


Los Boliches Beach

In this list we can not miss the neighborhood Los Boliches, located northeast of the municipality of Malaga. It is the port area of Fuengirola and highlights its picturesque houses bathed by the sea and its narrow streets. This area, besides being very lively, full of restaurants and stores, stands out for its great offer in new housing and for having a train and bus stop nearby. Although its main attraction is the beach of Los Boliches, with fine dark sand.



We continue our tour of the best areas to live in Fuengirola to highlight the charming neighborhood of Torreblanca. This is a very quiet area that offers a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and the coast. Here, in this corner of the city you will find our exclusive real estate project called La Corniche. With its 36 apartments of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, this residential complex gives you the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean from its elevated location.

At La Corniche, you will find a combination of luxury and comfort that will suit your needs. The 2-bedroom apartments range in price from 299.000€ to 415.000€, while the 3-bedroom apartments remain at 630.000€. On the other hand, 4-bedroom apartments range in price from €632,000 to €784,000. In terms of size, 2-bedroom apartments range in size from 102 m² to 113 m², 3-bedroom apartments range in size from 176 m², and 4-bedroom apartments range in size from 177 m² to 223 m².

Living on the Costa del Sol: Fuengirola area

Are you thinking of buying a property in the Fuengirola area? We recently told you in our article "Living on the Costa del Sol: pros and cons" the reasons why you should invest in a property on the luxurious coast of Malaga. These points are backed up by the data collected in our study of the real estate market on the Costa del Sol. Below, we offer you a detailed description of the property in Fuengirola:

  • The average price of housing in Fuengirola is around €511,000. We could say that it does not stand out as one of the highest among the municipalities of the coast of Malaga. At the top we find the Marbella West area, with a price range that exceeds two million euros.

  • The price of homes in Fuengirola represents 42% of the supply and 36% of the demand for this area.

If you have decided to invest and buy a home on the Costa del Sol, do not hesitate to contact our Prime Invest team. You will receive the best advice on the most outstanding real estate projects in Fuengirola and on the coast of Malaga, take the opportunity to enjoy your home by the sea!

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