15 01 2023

Living on the Costa del Sol: pros and cons


The south of Spain has inspired to write hundreds of songs, love poems, books or even host film shoots. It has been the birthplace of great artists and a place of retirement or inspiration for others. The Costa del Sol attracts thousands of people every year: momentary visits or even tourists who end up choosing this Andalusian area as their second or first residence.

Costa del Sol is dazzling, and not only for its number of hours of light per year, but for many reasons that we invite you to discover in this post. Surely you already imagined some of the reasons why this seaside area is so famous, but we want to tell you everything and more. Let's start!

5 advantages of living in the Costa del Sol

Machado, Federico García Lorca or even Pablo Picasso have dedicated poems to Malaga, a province that smells like orange blossom in spring and like the sea in summer. A province that hosts the Costa del Sol, a unique area in the world. 

White houses, Andalusian courtyards, wildlife reserves, history and an exclusive lifestyle. These are some of the things that come to our minds when we think of Marbella, Benalmádena, Mijas or any of the fourteen municipalities that make up this coast that attracts so much attention. 

But there is much more, and we wanted to summarize it in five advantages of living in the Costa del Sol. Advantages that become more than reasons to consider packing your bags and starting a new adventure. 

1. Weather

Soft winters, dreamy springs and autumns and warm but pleasant summers. In other words, an ideal climate with an average annual temperature of 24º C, which, along with its more than 300 days of sunshine, make the Costa del Sol a privileged spot on the world map.

Walks through its streets, hikes through its nature reserves, meals in the sun, outdoor leisure plans... These are just some of the things that its climate allows you to do almost all year round.

2. Proximity to the sea

With more than 150 kilometers of the coastline of Malaga, the Costa del Sol is bathed by the Mediterranean, one of its great attractions.

With the warmth of its weather, the sea is one of the greatest privileges of this seaside area. An "accessory" that invites you to spend summers practicing water sports or simply swimming in its crystalline waters.

Sundays of boat trips or picnics on the shores of the Mediterranean, walks along fine golden sandy beaches at sunset, or sunrises with a cup of coffee with views of the immensity of the horizon. We think there is no better feeling than living by the sea, do you?

In addition, this lifestyle has been shown to bring benefits to people's mental and physical health: the sea breeze reduces respiratory problems, improves sleep and reduces stress levels.

3. Real estate offer

A quiet life, a climate that improves health, an enviable gastronomy and the seashore just a few meters away... We are not surprised that every year all of this attracts hundreds of people who want to start a new life in the Costa del Sol.

The great demand for housing has promoted the creation of new real estate projects. Exclusivity, quality and services are three of the main demands of users looking for a new home in these areas.

As Real Estate consultants at Prime Invest we know what the market demands and how we can help you. For this reason, we have a wide range of real estate projects of great interest in the best areas to live in the Costa del Sol.

4. Lifestyle

A slow and relaxed lifestyle in which stress has no place. A place where serotonin levels increase, either due to its climate, its rich landscape or its incredible gastronomy.

Living in the Costa del Sol translates into happiness and tranquility. A totally safe place that invites you to follow the customs and traditions of the locals.

Although... Not everything has to be tranquility; Depending on the area of the Costa del Sol where you are, you can live on the peak of calm or a more cosmopolitan life. 

5. Business or Teleworking

In relation to all the advantages that we have told you so far, year after year the Costa del Sol attracts entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses here.

The quality of life and the magnificent connections with other parts of the planet make Costa del Sol an ideal place to work.

Entrepreneurs who choose Marbella, Fuengirola or Estepona as places to start their startups off the ground, multinationals that set up headquarters or simply digital nomads looking for a new place of residence that allows them both, telework and enjoy a quality lifestyle.

Disadvantages of living on the Costa del Sol

The south of Spain is known for being one of the most welcoming corners of the Iberian Peninsula. Its warm temperature, its culture full of traditions and its great historical heritage are some of the reasons why everyone who comes to Costa del Sol finds it hard to say goodbye to it. 

The only drawback that some people find to move to this little piece of the south of Spain are the housing prices. 

A price that has suffered constant fluctuations due to the high volume of demand for real estate. The rise of teleworking and the search for new homes with open spaces or close to nature and the sea are some of the reasons why the demand for housing has soared in areas such as Mijas, Las Lagunas, Marbella or Benalmádena. And with it, as expected, a rise in housing prices. 

Waking up and watching the sunrise from your bed with the Mediterranean in the background or enjoying the most exclusive golf clubs in Europe are some of the things you can only experience in the Costa del Sol. If you have decided that this little paradise is going to become your new home or second residence, you can contact our Prime Invest team so that we can help you, without any obligation, to make your dream come true. 

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