30 12 2023

At Prime Invest we know which decoration trends will triumph in 2024


Would you like to know about the latest decorating trends to transform your home and make it truly unique? Just like in fashion, decorating trends are cyclical, meaning they change and evolve every year. The decorations and style you use in your home say a lot about your personality. Keeping up with the latest trend is key to achieving a welcoming and fresh atmosphere.

At Prime Invest, we understand the importance of creating homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and in tune with the latest trends. If you are wondering which colours and materials will be the protagonists of the new year, this is the article for you.

Read on to discover the most exciting decorating trends of 2024, giving you ideas and inspiration to turn your home into an exceptional space. Discover how your home can reflect the latest design trends in an accessible and unique way!


Discover the latest decorating trends for your home

Welcoming a new year means wondering which trends will dominate in the coming months, which colours will be our favourites, which materials will be the main protagonists in our rooms or which styles will be the favourites of those who know interior design best. Let's take a closer look at the decorating trends for 2024:


Wooden floors in every room

Wood is the material par excellence for flooring our homes. Its ability to create a more homely atmosphere and its versatility are some of the reasons why it has been with us for so many years.

The main novelty for 2024 is the use of parquet, flooring or laminate in kitchens and bathrooms. The good news is that the wide variety of finishes, formats and patterns that can be used in the installation have a huge impact on the final result.


Designs in organic shapes

Closely related to the previous point, irregular lines inspired by nature will continue to be a trend in 2024. If you want to add a touch of trend to your interiors, choose dining tables, chairs, lighting or armchairs with organic lines. These shapes will bring harmony to your rooms.

If you want to give your rooms more depth and dynamism, opt for a combination of materials. This is another decorating trend for 2024. Mix metals, woods and textiles to create personalised rooms with a lot of character.


Kitchens without furniture walls

As we have seen, fluid and dynamic spaces will be much more prevalent in 2024. It will become more common to design open layouts, with rooms connected by glass walls that create spaciousness and allow light to enter. Another key to achieving this is to remove furniture walls and opt for furniture that makes it easier to organise, store and clean. 


Light colours vs. colourful bathrooms

The key lies in the ability to combine textures within a similar palette, adding richness and visual dynamism. For your bathrooms, like the other rooms in your home, to be fashionable in 2024, it is essential to adopt a decor that incorporates natural materials and organic textures.

Incorporating elements such as wallpaper, wooden furniture, gold or matte black taps, round or geometric mirrors and vintage details will help maintain an updated and trendy style.


Biophilic design, the main decoration innovation of 2024

Sustainability stands out on the decorative trends radar for 2024. Choose ecological objects and materials that bring harmony and colour to your space, and contribute to a greener planet.

Biophilic design is also making a strong appearance this year, a trend in architecture and interior design that proposes the integration of vegetation, light and all kinds of natural elements to bring nature closer to our world and reconnect with it.


Let Style Mix & Match inspire you to decorate your home

If one thing is clear to us, it is that in 2024 we will have to mix and match materials, colours and styles until we find the perfect balance to create modern and contemporary environments.

One of the best mixes, although it may surprise us at first, is to combine traditional styles with contemporary ones. Combine simple design furniture with more ornate decorative objects or vice versa. You can also combine materials and finishes in the same room: wood, leather, marble, glass and more. We will also see this mix in the shapes of furniture and in the textiles used in beds and again in furniture.


Follow the decorating trends on the Costa del Sol for 2024 with Prime Invest

Thanks to its strategic location between the sea and the mountains, homes on the Costa del Sol require open spaces that can be enriched with light and natural spaces. As we have seen recently, the trend in this area is towards Mediterranean decoration . In homes, this is reflected in the use of natural materials such as wood, rounded shapes and the combination of monochrome and soft elements, textures and colours with others of a darker tone.

However, these are not the only decorating trends for 2024 for homes on the Costa del Sol. This year, the rooms in your home need dynamism and depth, and the best way to achieve this is by combining decorative styles, shapes , materials and colours.

If you are thinking of investing in your new home on the Costa del Sol, contact our Prime Invest team . We will be happy to advise you on the best development properties on the Malaga coast. It's time to enjoy your home by the sea with a trendy design and decoration for 2024.


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