30 04 2024

Discover the benefits and exclusivity of living close to the sea


Did you know that living by the sea is good for your health? Every place has its charms and advantages, but few things are indeed as pleasant as walking out onto the balcony and looking at the infinite blue, feeling the breeze and the sense of peace. If you are thinking of moving to the coast or have been wondering if it is worth it, then this article is for you!

At Prime Invest we have put together a guide to the advantages of living by the sea compared to living in a big city or inland. Read on and discover how living by the sea can have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. Let's get started!


The sea breeze, the main benefit of living on the coast

The sea breeze provides us with great anti-inflammatory and decongestant benefits, a great advantage for our Respiratory Tract, from the nasal passages to the bronchi and lungs. But these benefits don’t end there. It is much less polluted than the air we breathe in urban areas and is enriched with generous doses of ozone and essential nutrients. A true luxury for those lucky enough to live by the sea.

In addition to the great respiratory benefits, the sea breeze has a major impact on our emotional well-being. By stimulating the production of Serotonin, the neurotransmitter linked to mood, and by balancing our emotional system, it produces a state of calm and serenity that can only be described if you are lucky enough to feel it in your daily life.


Reduces stress levels

The ocean and its blue contrasts have a very significant impact on our well-being. It turns out that living near the sea not only means enjoying its photogenic beauty but also provides a daily mental benefit that can improve our quality of life.

Living by the sea is a daily sensory journey. The sound of waves gently breaking on the shore also plays a crucial role in relaxing us. The sound of the sea has been shown to have a relaxing effect, helping to reduce stress and improve sleep quality. As we have seen, being close to the sea helps us to relax. This feeling helps us to have a more restful sleep. Saltwater, natural light, fresh air and the constant sound of the sea all work together to prepare our body and mind for a good night's rest. These are all benefits!


Living by the sea encourages physical activity

If the sea and coastal areas have anything to offer, it is that they encourage us to take part in outdoor activities. Natural landscapes and the presence of the sea exert a power over us that inspires us to exercise. From the serenity of a yoga session in the sea to the excitement of nautical and sailing activities, there are plenty of options.

The various gyms and sports clubs on the Spanish coast offer a wide range of outdoor activities, taking advantage of the good weather. Whatever your favourite physical activity, being close to the sea gives us energy and motivates us to get out and walk, run or play some beach sports.


More vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium to keep bones strong and healthy. Living on the coast has a natural advantage because one can access more sunlight throughout the year. On the other hand, people who live in regions with less sunlight usually need to take vitamin D supplements or increase their intake of foods rich in this vitamin.


Milder climate throughout the year

Living near the sea offers a number of benefits, and one of the most notable is the moderation of temperatures that the coast provides. This is particularly important for those who prefer to avoid climatic extremes. In coastal locations, such as areas close to the beach, you will experience a stable climate throughout the year. Forget the harshness of winter or the sweltering days of summer. No peaks of heat or excessive cold make you wish you were somewhere else.


Great gastronomic offerings

Coastal regions bring a number of benefits beyond the scenic views and refreshing breezes. When it comes to food, it also brings advantages specific to the marine environment. Coastal living means more opportunities to eat superfoods, rich in nutrients and antioxidants which are essential for good health. 

Living near the sea also means enjoying super fresh food from the sea and enjoying a diet rich in omega-3 and atioxidants. This is possible thanks to the abundance of seafood, fish, shrimp, mussels and many other marine species found in the oceans.


Living by the sea on the unique Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is one of the best areas in Spain to live by the sea . Malaga in particular is known for its mild climate all year round and its stunning golden sandy beaches.

The city combines the charm of the historic centre with the convenience of living close to the sea. This fusion creates a unique atmosphere that provides the best of both worlds: the tranquillity of a coastal setting and the comforts of a lively metropolis.

Would you like to enjoy almost 325 days a year of sunshine and experience all these benefits of living by the sea? If there is one area in Spain where the value and profitability of new construction homes is stable, it is Malaga Province. At Prime Invest, we encourage you to bet on the Costa del Sol to make the most of all these points. We have real estate projects in different areas: Benalmádena, Mijas, Estepona, Marbella, Fuengirola and much more!

If you decide to buy an apartment in Marbella, we recommend our exclusive project Dunique Marbella . A residential complex in a privileged location on the beachfront. Otherwise, if you prefer to enjoy your own outdoor space, we recommend Ocyan Luxury Villas , a set of twelve sophisticated villas with contemporary aesthetics, located in a privileged setting between Marbella and Estepona. Contact us, we will be delighted to advise you!

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