08 03 2021

Prime Invest is starting the construction of Corallisa, its project of Boutique Villas in Ibiza.


Located in the exclusive urbanisation of Rocallisa, just 15 minutes from the centre of Ibiza and opposite the Ibiza Golf Course, Corallisa is an avant-garde project addressed to a client who demands luxury villas with a modern design, a high degree of personalisation and where privacy and security stand out.

It is a project of villas perfectly immersed in the landscape, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to enjoy this ideal enclave under the most eco-friendly construction standards.

Corallisa offers maximum exclusivity with a price range of between 3 and 5 million euros. At the urbanisation level, the core of its conception is the security and privacy of its future owners, developing a triple security ring around each house, unique to date in the Pitusas Islands.


During this first phase of construction, which is expected to last for over the next 8 months, the necessary infrastructures will be created on the plots with the creation of 3 new roads.

Prior to the start of the works, the land has been cleared and the trees that will later be relocated on the plots have been moved in accordance with the island’s environmental regulations.


Corallisa signature Homes beginning of works

At PRIME INVEST we successfully manage international real estate projects on the Costa del Sol. Therefore, when we decided to carry out our first residential development in Ibiza, 4 years ago, we were aware of the complexity of the challenge. We also knew that on the island there is a demand for excellence and quality, perhaps even “love in the conception and execution” of Villas that in many cases does not find a development with the necessary quality (Darío Fernández Palacios, Partner and Manager of Prime Invest together with Daniel Kunz).

This unmet need has been the guiding principle of CORALLISA. A project that provides integration and excellence in the construction process from the beginning, a development with closed roads within a complex that is already private, as is Rocalisa, with respect for the visual harmony of the entire complex in search of privacy. And all of this while bearing in mind the unique lifestyle that has made IBIZA a world reference.

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