30 04 2023

Living in Estepona: best areas to invest in housing


Good weather, an optimal infrastructure, the leisure offer or the culture of a place are some of the factors that we must take into account when investing in a home. And although the quality of life in each city is different, there is one thing that we are sure of at Prime Invest: there is no place to live like in the south of Spain. 

If you are determined to invest in housing in the dazzling Costa del Sol but still do not know exactly in what location, it is time to put on the table one of the most outstanding municipalities on the Malaga coast, Estepona.

With a picturesque historic centre, an enviable climate, kilometres of beach, and streets that recite poetry, this city at the foot of the Mediterranean stands out for its supply and demand for the construction of real estate projects initiated by being one of the most coveted enclaves to buy a new home. This municipality has a very active real estate market, being the second city in terms of volume of promotional activity in the province of Málaga. 

Best areas to live in Estepona

The Costa del Sol is a diamond in the rough for all those who are looking to invest in real estate projects, either for their own enjoyment or to obtain economic profitability with them.

Marbella, Fuengirola or Benalmádena are some of the municipalities where the demand for housing continues to grow on a quarterly basis. However, there is a place that stands out from the rest and not only because of the beauty of its streets that captivate everyone who visits it. Estepona is considered one of the most sought-after municipalities to invest in housing in Europe.

Estepona is a good example that has shown that the beautiful Andalusian coastline has not stopped growing and that investments have been reinforced both in new-build homes and in the revaluation of second-hand homes.

The municipality's real estate offer adapts to any family model, with an offer that goes from lofts for small families, to villas or spacious apartments for those looking for an ample place with outdoor areas. No doubt it will be a paradise for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors!

And although the city of Estepona itself is not very large, its municipality expands with 23 kilometres of coastline and up to 130 km2 of surface area. Do you want to know which are the best areas to invest in housing in Estepona? We advise you on the different areas of the municipality.


The urban city centre

If you have ever been to Andalusia, you will have noticed that many of its towns are painted white and that flowers are an intrinsic decoration. Estepona is not far behind because its flowered balconies merge with the Moorish layout of its streets that come together in beautiful open squares.

Living in the historic centre of the city is an ideal enclave for those seeking to experience day-by-day life in Estepona: the neighbourhood, the flowers, the squares and its people, which makes this location the place to soak up the tradition of the city.

In most cases, you will find single-family homes, of 1, 2 or 3 floors and second-hand that have been renovated and adapted to the demands of families looking for a new home in Estepona.

One of the fastest-growing areas next to the centre is the expansion area to the northwest of the city, known as Las Mesas. A residential area with modern new buildings that stands out for its familiar atmosphere and its large park of almost 16,500 m2. 

This is where the Mesas Homes project is located, a residential complex of houses with an avant-garde design that blends in with the gardens of the communal areas. Swimming pool, gardens, gym and plenty of light next to 245 parking spaces, so when you get home all you have to do is enjoy yourself. 

Estepona Port

The Estepona marina area is one of the most exclusive ones in the city. On the first line of the Mediterranean and just 1.5 kilometres east of the historic centre, between the beaches of La Rada, the city’s most popular beach, and El Cristo. 

The rich cultural heritage of this fishing city meets the cosmopolitan air of the new developments next to the marina. The Estepona marina has real estate projects of new construction, in most cases, as private developments of apartments and penthouses.

Among the residential complexes close to the Estepona marina, we highlight The Sapphire, an exclusive project of 15 apartments located on the beachfront; so close to the Mediterranean that it has direct access to its golden sandy beaches.

It is the place to live in Estepona if you are looking to disconnect from the routine with its swimming pool, spa and gym facilities, as well as for enjoying 360 days of sunshine in its outdoor spaces.


New Golden Mile of the Costa del Sol

Marbella has been known for years for locating the famous Golden Mile in its municipality, an area where luxury and exclusivity shone day and night. Exclusivism has now moved to the new Golden Mile of the Costa del Sol, in the heart of Estepona.

This is one of the areas where you can find the best developments in Estepona: new homes with dazzling infrastructure. The properties have all the necessary extras along with finishes that take into account the aesthetics and style so that families who decide to invest in them can live comfortably.

West Zone

This is one of the areas of the municipality that has grown the most in recent years. In case you want to buy your flat in Estepona, in this area in particular, the distance by car to the city’s marina is no more than five minutes, and to the centre of Estepona ten minutes. 

A characteristic area for its blue flag beaches and proximity to nature, as well as for its great real estate movement, concentrating the largest number of new building projects in the municipality. 

Here you will find Célere Sea Views, a modern and functional residential complex, consisting of 63 apartments of 2 or 3 bedrooms, surrounded by the best facilities: the High-Resolution Hospital (HAR because of its name in Spanish) of Estepona, the large municipal park of Arroyo Enmedio of 8,000 m2; shops, hotels, and schools.


Buying a house on the Costa del Sol?


In our article “Living on the Costa del Sol: pros and cons”, we tell you many reasons why you should prepare your bags to invest in a property on the coast of Malaga. We can summarize these reasons together with the data obtained from our market study of the real estate sector on the Costa del Sol. What can we highlight about Estepona?


The price of housing in Estepona

One of the fundamental aspects to take into account when we want to buy a property is the price that oscillates in the desired area.

In this case, we should divide Estepona into two areas:

  • Estepona city, with an average price of €483,000
  • East Estepona, where the average home price is slightly higher, €636,000
  • West Estepona, with promotions between €300,000 and €500,000

An average price that does not stand out for being one of the highest on the Costa del Sol when compared to others. For example, the average price of Benahavís of €1,616,000 or Marbella West, which leads as the municipality with the most valued real estate projects, €2,626,000.


The demand for housing in Estepona

Factors such as the location, the finishes of the home or the extras included in the common spaces of residential housing have a direct impact on both the price and the demand.

This is the type of housing that is most in demand and that is in full growth. Estepona is one of the areas of the Costa del Sol with the highest request for new construction building permits. The housing search became more noticeable during 2022, when 22% of marketed homes were located in Estepona and of which, 85% were sold.

If you are looking for a new house on the Costa del Sol, you can contact our Prime Invest team without obligation to receive advice on the best real estate projects in Estepona and the coast of Malaga. Enjoy your home by the sea!

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