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Services Prime Invest

Specialised in the assessment and management of real estate properties for clients with high volume portfolios.

  • Locating assets.
  • Analysis of planning, legal and technical aspects.
  • Feasibility studies.

The team at Prime Invest has been linked with property development for years.

We have an extensive network of contacts in the sector and the technical knowhow for locating and analysing the best opportunities in land for development. We locate the land and make a detailed analysis of its town planning and legal circumstances, and also a product definition so that clients can make better informed decisions and obtain maximum returns from the project.

We provide detailed feasibility studies that make it possible to analyse the real potential of each project.

  • Market surveys.
  • Evaluation of assets, competition, saturation and rate of sales.

We carry out constant market surveys in our area of operation; these are given to clients who ask us for project valuations and management.

We value assets taking into consideration actual market prices and the profit margins necessary for selling within the period proposed by our clients.

  • Defining the product.
  • Comprehensive management of developments.
  • Monitoring building work.

We are currently advising on and managing development projects on the Costa del Sol. From defining the product that will make it possible to maximise the return on each plot of land, and supervising the project design until planning permission is obtained, including analysing and comparing construction quotes.

We have staff with ample experience in managing residential developments, and this coordination will enable the projects to be completed in the time, manner and deadline set, and on a turnkey basis for our investors, concluding with the handover of the properties and after-sales service.

  • Marketing each of our projects within 12 months.
  • An unbeatable network of more than 1800 registered associate agencies, of which 410 have already completed sales with us

Serving the client, and especially the agent, is our main concern. Generating sales is the most important point of the whole process.

In the last 5 years we have successfully sold more than 1,450 new homes on the Costa del Sol.

One of the greatest assets of Prime Invest is its network of national and international contacts which allows us to provide one of the most important channels through which the product is sold.

To gain the required trust of these agents it is essential to decide on a clear sales strategy: Wholesale Consultancy Service or Retail Agency.

Why does Prime Invest achieve 120 visits a month in the projects we manage? We are not a retail agency.

Gaining the trust of partner agencies cannot be achieved by working with companies selling products on an individual basis or resales. It is especially difficult for small agencies abroad to deal with real estate departments of financial institutions or big national consultancy companies.

We provide one of the most important channels through which the product is marketed.

Attracting buyers from source markets through our presence at international property fairs and specific marketing campaigns to maximise attracting direct clients.

We make substantial investment in marketing, resources and personnel.

  • Furnishing show flat/house.
  • Furnishing the office.
  • Improving the product if this should be necessary through direct investment made by Prime Invest.

Many companies accept low fees, have few on-site employees and make limited investment in resources focused solely on providing the sales force and continuing the sales activity.

We make sure that staff are always present in every project, normally two qualified and motivated salespeople.

Our substantial investment in improving the project and in marketing resources, sales offices and personnel means we cannot embark on projects we do not believe in. It would simply entail immediate losses for the company.

Informing every potential client that we have a good product and presenting an excessive number of offers would greatly increase marketing and media costs.

Investment in materials and resources that will make the product more attractive.

In each project our staff remain on hand to carry out the handover of property and provide after-sales service to buyers.

After the handover of the last unit we remain present in our sales offices for between 3 to 6 months, depending on the requirements of each project.

Personalised service means a substantial decrease in the number of problems involved in the properties delivered. Greater attention to the needs of the buyer and a reduction of after sales costs.

  • Comprehensive handling of financing facilities.
  • Advising and handling formalities with notaries.
  • Coordinating between client/agency/lawyer/notary/owner.

At Prime Invest we draw up detailed reports on sales activity. We speak the same language as our clients.

We have staff who exclusively handle financing formalities and closing operations.

As well as performing efficient marketing activity to attract corporate clients, it is important to understand that the needs of property companies, construction companies and investment funds, particularly in terms of information and controlling the rate of visits and sales, are an essential aspect of the business.

We handle the whole process from reservation until completion, so that our clients have absolute control at all times of the relevant information necessary for making strategic decisions.