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Prime Andalus was founded in 1999 in Marbella, Spain, with the object of providing services to professionals in the real-estate sector.

Over the course of 20 years the company became firmly established in the market with an extensive network of agencies and investors throughout Europe.

However, since 2007 the market has undergone an unprecedented fall.

This gave rise, in 2008, to the concept of Prime Invest, a company specialising in the assessment and management of real estate properties for clients with high volume portfolios.

We offer our services to banks, property developers, hotel chains, holding companies and investment funds focusing on the hotel or residential sectors. We make it possible to market their properties, locate products for our clients and to develop them and make them a reality.

The revaluation of properties that have not moved for a long time, and marketing them is our principal activity. We manage client products and facilitate relationships with our numerous commercial contacts to make it possible for assets to be sold in a very short time as a result of an aggressive INVESTMENT policy.

Given the important commercial presence of Prime Invest in the area, we have a powerful channel of direct clients for buying properties on in the Costa del Sol.

With professionals from different countries and 15 years operating on the Costa del Sol, we have one of the best international associate agency networks in Southern Spain.

Prime Invest has a team of professionals with wide experience and successful track records in developing and marketing properties, providing service with the maximum guarantees of obtaining satisfactory results.

We are currently handling the marketing of 19 residential projects on an exclusive basis in different locations on the Costa del Sol, we are developing a Villa complex, and we regularly advise various investors on bringing their projects to life.